What does BottleX do?

Logo BottleX voor Private Label in Cosmetica

BottleX develops and produces all types of hair- and skin care. From freely available standard solutions to uniquely created professional high-end cosmetics products which are produced according to the latest European standards and directives. We offer you a full service concept; which means we take care of development, production, filling and packaging your product. Of course you can decide which services you need for setting up your private label.


The founder of BottleX is René van Alphen. He has a creative mind and knows how to surprise and innovate. Branding is one of his strengths. After years of experience in the hairdressing and cosmetics industry, René chose to invest in high-quality cosmetics. In BottleX, this experience and know how is combined perfectly, because René understands what it takes to create a perfect product. He just loves to help other companies, setting up their own brand.

He knows, like no other, that your salon or brand is not just a business… it’s your lifestyle. Your customers depend on you when it comes to your advice and to provide them with professional products that make them happy.

BottleX takes full responsibility to provide you with professional products. Because your brand reflects your business. All in order to let your customers enjoy your products and let them feel pampered.


The success of BottleX is related to the success you achieve with your own brand. Over the years, we have seen our business grow and flourish through the private label productions we delivered. We continue to invest in the wishes and needs of our customers. We are very proud of every product we deliver.


We have extensive experience in the cosmetics industry. Our trained level of expertise is set to produce the highest quality products. Our lab technicians have the resources and training to develop the strongest formulations. Our lab collects detailed scientific knowledge about raw materials and their effectiveness. Keeping in mind that we always want to improve and expand our product lines and formulations. We test new formulations with renowned partners like hairdressers, beauty salons and dermatologists. Of course, we never test on animals!

We are very proud to create products that will pass every test. All in order to keep your customers happy. With our products, you can position your company and brand on a highly competitive level.

As you can see, we are more than just a private label manufacturer in cosmetics. Branding and innovation help us grow your business.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us. At BottleX we believe that building strong relationships is key. It all starts with communication!