Personalise your label with White Label

BottleX White Label is specialised in personalised cosmetics, in small quantities. This way you can start/run your own brand, without having to order large quantities. Hair care, styling, body and facial care, barber products, but also homecare products, such as aroma diffusers and scented candles. With your own label you can immediately give each product the right look, which perfectly fits your brand. You can start as from 12 pieces.

Personalise even more with Blend Label

When you choose BottleX Blend Label you have a wide choice from existing formulas where you can select the scent, colour and packaging yourself in the configurator. By working with existing and stable recipes, you can start quickly and without a long R&D process or start-up costs. For the perfume and the packaging, you can choose from our rich assortment, and if you want to order testers in advance, that is of course possible. It is possible if you choose BottleX Blend Label, from 144 pieces.

Private Label Custom Made

Would you rather have your own formula created? Or do you already have a clear idea of the composition and unique properties of your product? The possibilities are extraordinary. This is available from 1200 pieces upwards. BottleX Private Label means that you can really put together your own product, based on ingredients, raw materials, functionality, perfume, colour and viscosity. Would you rather have a sulphate-free or silicone-free formula developed? That is also possible, of course. Let us inspire you, from idea to own brand.