At BottleX we offer a wide variety of different packaging types, including: bottles, dispensers, airless, pots and tubes. That way there is always a suitable packaging that matches your wishes. We love to help you find the right packaging, which will perfectly fit every product in your product line.

Regardless of your style or preferences, we can always tailor the packaging to your wishes. After all, your products become the perfect representation of your business. The packaging type and design are crucial when it comes to setting yourself apart from the competition. Standing out simply is the best way to promote your own brand.

We have a wide variety of packaging for hair care & skin care in stock. Packaging such as transparent, black and white bottles. These packages can be endlessly combined with gold, silver or colored pumps, caps and atomizers. Mix & match as much as you like, to create your own perfect packaging.

Do you need a unique packaging?

Would you prefer your own and unique packaging? Consider it done! If we do not have the packaging that you have in mind, we will help you find the packaging that perfectly matches your vision. At BottleX we love to advise you on this, so that everything fits together perfectly.

We can apply the design with high-quality labels; no-label-look and of course in full color. But we also have the option, using a cold foil printing technique, to have a design printed (partly) in gold or silver. Direct printing, using screen printing technique, is also one of the common techniques to give a product the perfect professional look and feel.