BottleX helps you to transform an idea or a concept into a concrete cosmetics product. We love to advise you on the perfect ingredients, perfumes and of course on the right packaging. Years of experience and knowledge form a solid base, BottleX is the perfect partner in developing cosmetic products.

  • Intake advice
  • Pick raw materials
  • Pick the perfect perfume
  • Advice on packaging
  • Advice on printing techniques
  • Free quote

Product development

BottleX has its own laboratory and a dedicated new product development (NPD) department. Of course there is our knowledge and know-how, but on top of that we’ve got a exceptional passion for (re-) formulating cosmetic recipes. In co-operation or on assignment, we can put together the perfect formula(s) for your own brand.

  • Hair care starts at 1200 pieces
  • Skin care starts at 120 pieces
  • Fragrances starts at 120 pieces


BottleX offers an exceptionally wide and varied range of different packaging. Such as bottles, dispensers, airless, jars, tubes and sachets. There is always a suitable packaging which serves your purpose. We love to help you find the packaging that perfectly matches every product in your line. Do you prefer your own and unique packaging? No problem, we are happy to help you!

  • Bottle with cap (aluminium-PET-HDPE-R-PCR-PE-glass)
  • Bottle with lotion pump
  • Bottle with spray pump
  • Tube (PC-sugarcane-PE)
  • Pots (PE-PET-Glass)
  • Airless pumps
  • Aerosols
  • Sachets
  • Scented vases (rfagrance sticks/glass)


Perceiving odors is one of the most intuitive things our brain does. The observation immediately triggers an emotion, which always is linked to an experience or a memory from our lives. Choosing the right perfume is an important and conscious choice when creating a new brand. At BottleX we have a fantastic collection of delicious aromas. We also have the option – and the knowledge and skills – to compose a fragrance for your own brand.

  • You can choose from over 100 scents
  • Tailored perfume starts at 10kg

Design studio

At BottleX we have a team of skilled designers whom are ready to give the presentation of your products exactly that unique and personalized character, so that you can proudly enter the market with your own brand. The sky is the limit!

After we have discussed your wishes, our design team will immediately start on your design. Of course we will look at which style suits your logo and corporate identity. Based on this information we’ll create a first draft. This immediatly make it real and tangible. Based on your feedback we’ll work out your design(s). After your approval, the design goes to the printer, so you can count on a great and professional result!

Do you prefer to keep the design in-house? In that case we can tell you exactly which technical and legal requirements the label of your products must meet.

  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity design
  • Label design
  • Concept design product line
  • 3D mockup of packaging
  • Create print-ready files for screen printing
  • Create print-ready files for labels
  • DTP activities


At BottleX we offer a wide variety of choice when it comes to printing a product or packaging, using many different techniques.

We can apply the design with high-quality labels; no-label-look and of course in full color. But we also have the option, using a cold foil printing technique, to have a design printed (partly) in gold or silver. Direct printing, using screen printing technique, is also one of the common techniques to give a product the perfect professional look and feel.

We make every effort to give your product its own and unique identity. And together we always find the best solution for your brand.

  • Sleeving
  • PE silver label
  • PE white label
  • No-label-look label (transparant)
  • Screen printing (all around)
  • Pad printing
  • Eco craft label
  • Eco cork label
  • Leather label
  • Hot foil labels


At BottleX we own several production boilers, from small to large. We also own double-walled stainless steel tanks, filling machines and assembly lines. This way we can switch quickly and always guarantee superior quality. At BottleX we can tailor your unique formula, but we also own thousands of formulas. We produce high-quality products from A to Z, but we can also deliver products in bulk.

  • Mixing products
  • Filter products
  • Filling
  • Closing tubes
  • Assemble
  • Appliqué labels
  • Packing
  • Repack
  • Quality control


At BottleX we deliver products ex-works. But of course we products can be delivered at your command. We deliver worldwide and have extensive experience in packaging and transporting products. For international shipments, we also provide – if applicable – the corresponding documentation for customs. We can advise you on the correct outer boxes, protective foils and we will give you guidelines for storing your products.

BottleX always provides the correct labeling on cartons, pallets and drums. We can also provide EAN codes. We work with (international) transport companies to deliver your products with the utmost care.

  • Packing
  • Warpping
  • Sealing
  • Advice on transport
  • Labeling
  • Prepare transport
  • Prepare export


At BottleX we have years of experience and an incredible amount of knowledge and know-how when it comes to private label products. We love to use that knowledge and experience to guide you from A to Z, so that your private label project will become a fantastic success! Like many before you.

No one knows better than us that many questions arise when setting up a private label. BottleX has developed a unique program and a well thought out service for such a startup. All in order to be able to help you pragmatically with the sometimes complex issues. Feel free to ask about the possibilities of our consultancy.

  • Advice on packaging
  • Advice on legal aspects (Product Information File (PIF))
  • Contacts with external laboratories
  • Advice on cosmetics laws and regulations
  • Advice on perfumes
  • Advice on standard formulas
  • Advice on labeling
  • Advice on selling your product abroad
  • Claims on SPF
  • Reformulate existing products
  • Advice on intellectual property in cosmetics
  • Interesting partners for brand owners
  • Commodity statements and documentation

Good Manufacturing Practice

At BottleX we work according to the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. It is a requirement for the production of our products. It guarantees a high and constant quality of our products, because the entire production process is carried out in an accurately prescribed and controlled manner.

GMP therefore requires that it is exactly described how and under what circumstances a product is produced. During the preparation, all raw materials and the final product are checked. The preparation protocol is also closely monitored.

At BottleX we produce under the strict requirements of the GMP, so we can always demonstrate that our products meet the highest quality standards and we are proud of it!

  • – Regulation (EC) nr. 1223/2009
  • – Warenwetbesluit cosmetische producten 2011
  • – Safety assessor under the Cosmetics Regulation
  • – Norm NEN-EN-ISO 22716
  • – Notification of cosmetic products (CPNP)
  • – Labeling
  • – Product Information File (PIF)
  • – Nano technology
  • – NVWA Netherlands
  • – Foreign legislation
  • – No animal testing (at BottleX we NEVER test on animals)
  • – Quality control raw materials
  • – Quality control machine park
  • – Quality control final product
  • – Quality control microbiology
  • – Quality control packaging