Leave cosmetics production for your brand to us

BottleX is a factory and cosmetics laboratory for private label. With us you will find all processes under one roof from product development to manufacturing, mixing, blending, assembling, filling, sealing and labeling.

Having your own brand or product line with logo and corporate identity is an enrichment for your business.

A personalized cosmetics line strengthens your position in the market. The identity and appearance become stronger with your own brand.


For both small and large companies, BottleX offers opportunities to develop your own brand.

We help entrepreneurs start their own brand from 12 pieces up to existing brand houses with production of 10,000+

To serve both target groups equally well, BottleX has developed two programs for successfully launching cosmetics and homecare products. WhiteLabel products with your own logo and corporate identity is for small quantity orders with high quality and can be ordered online in our webshop. We offer PrivateLabel personalized products starting from 200 pieces. At higher quantities the customer benefits stack up. Get advice on development, product and documentation.

Increase your brand awareness with personalized products

Curious about the many possibilities for your own brand? Get 7 tips for successfully starting your own brand.